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Welcome to Wise Optometry! We are a family owned and operated optometry clinic located in Rowland Heights.
We strive to provide quality eye care to our neighborhood families.

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Medical Eye Exam

Treat and manage your eye diseases

Our doctors provide diagnosis, treatment and management of ocular disease
and anomalies that affect the human eye and visual system. We see many
ocular disease conditions and we can help you today if you have an ocular disease.
Protect your eye health and your vision.

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Which choice is more clear? “1 or 2”? Yup, this is the portion of the exam
that is dedicated to determining your eyeglass prescriptions. Our doctors
does not prescribe strictly base on this testing alone. Your customized glasses
prescriptions are finalized after considerations to binocular vision, eye alignment,
old glasses prescriptions, and much more.

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Welcome to Wise Optometry!
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Our Services

Primary Eye Care

Route eye exam are important regardless of your age. A comprehensive eye exam is  more than just a refraction.



We have wide selection of designer sunglasses and optical frames.  Our large selection of frames include very affordable style frames to high fashion designer frames.


Specialty Contact Lenses

Our Doctors help patients to improve their vision via different specialty contact lenses including Orthokeratology (Ortho-K),  Keratoconus, Rigid Gas Permeable (RGP) Hard contact lens.


We work for your health!

  • Comprehensive Eye Exam
    You cannot miss
    A comprehensive eye exam includes not just a visual acuity test nor refraction.  It is very important that you need a comprehensive eye exam at...
  • Ocular Disease
    Our doctors at Wise Optometry provides diagnosis, treatment and management of ocular disease and anomalies that affect the human eye and visual system.  Make your...

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We strive to provide complete and quality eye care for our patients.

Provide cutting edge optical and frame styling to enhance your look and lifestyle.

We are here to honor your vision and to protect your eyes at a very affordable price.